How to Get the Best Timber Prices

The beauty of a natural product such as timber is that there is a huge range of species with a vast range of attributes and qualities. It is vital that key information is sought to ensure the correct timber is selected for the ultimate end use. Service life, durability, appearance and cost are amongst the factors.

We are often asked: How do you secure the most competitive timber quotation?

Here are the key points:

Plan well ahead
Generally the more lead time allowed the better the price

Have a clear understanding on the end use
Knowing how & why the timber is to be used helps to specifiy the correct grade, species & suitability

Are there any specific certification requirements
FSC* or PEFC* are the most common but some species or sizes are not always avaiable

Length of timber
There are premiums on long timber lengths so try to minimise by adding joins or supports in designs

Moisture content
Timber can be cut & used immediately for certain uses but drying be it by air or kiln seasons the wood for a more stable product

 - EE Olley & Sons Ltd