Knee Rail Fencing

Utilising our special wood machines in particular our cross cut, we can produce a wide range of commercial fencing products such a “knee rail” and featheredge fencing.

All cut to special order the components of this low level fence are offered including the fence posts with “bird’s mouth” cuts, horizontal rail, galvanised fixing straps together with 25kg boxes of galvanised wire nails.

Featheredge fencing is also offered to our merchant customers when the specification calls for a heavier duty or wider section than for common residential fence applications.

Low Level Commercial Fencing

Typical specification:

100 x 100mm Sawn TREATED Posts 900mm >1200mm with “bird’s mouth” cut

100 x 100mm Sawn TREATED Rails 3000mm > 3600mm

Galvanized strap 100mm wide for rail fixing 480mm long once bent

25kg Galvanised 50mm nails


 - EE Olley & Sons Ltd